Interventional Radiology for Peritoneal Mets

Interventional radiology can be very helpful in relieving symptoms caused by ascites (a build up of fluid in the abdomen). 

Paracentesis: a minimally invasive, image-guided procedure in which fluid from the abdomen is removed through a thin needle.

The fluid, usually a clear, pale yellow liquid called serous fluid, is removed from the abdominal cavity to relieve pressure and to analyze it.

If ascites returns repeatedly and Abdominal PleurX may be utilized.

Abdominal PleurX: a small, flexible catheter (tube) that is placed in the peritoneal space of your abdomen and used to remove peritoneal fluid (ascites). The PleurX™ drainage system lets you take control of uncomfortable and painful symptoms from pleural effusions or ascites. A safe, proven option that more than 500,000 patients have used since 1997, the PleurX system helps you drain fluid buildup in the comfort of your own home.