Say Yes to HopeSay YES to Hope is changing the world for those who are diagnosed with advanced cancer through outreach, education, support, and hope.
We are committed to serving this underserved population of cancer patients because the association between access to care and support demonstrates increased survival, better outcomes, and improved quality of life. Our revolutionary campaigns in outreach and education help people live more fully in spite of advanced cancer and dramatically enhances the outlook for living with this life limiting diagnosis.
YES not only delivers outreach and education but also performs patient-based research to accentuate the needs these patients encounter and engages with the medical community to disseminate information from the identified gaps in order to quickly accommodate and provide assistance to patients. In essence, to “change the world of advanced cancer.”
Say YES to Hope is an innovative champion in the advanced cancer advocacy community, providing programs and making a difference for those with advanced cancer. Our goal is to empower patients with information, resources, and access to care so that they become their own best advocate with the ability to make informed decisions throughout their cancer journey.  YES makes this possible through creative outreach campaigns, multidisciplinary treatment team meetings, Retreat from Cancer, substantial educational activities, and unique support services.
We provide a FRIEND for the Journey so that no one makes the journey with advanced cancer isolated and alone.  More than anything, at a time when hope has seemingly disappeared YES provides hope.
YES has developed core programs that provide a strong foundation for the work that we do and the support we provide. These include:

ACTION – Clinical Trials Information Kit

IMPACT – Immuno-Oncology Materials to Provide Awareness of Cancer Treatments

Educational lunches and dinner for patients and nurses

Facilitating interaction between patients and health care providers to enhance medical and economic knowledge base of diagnostics, treatments and the support of the disease

Global FRIENDs for the Journey program

Informational Web-site

Insurance appeals assistance

Online support system that reaches and provides support to both patients and caregivers

Patient advocacy and navigation

Retreat from Cancer

Supportive and educational newsletter

Survivor Line

Hope in the Sand