Establish a support circle!

Accepting help is often difficult. Asking for help is even harder. A circle of support is, however, extremely important to have while you are living with advanced cancer. Start small and build your circle of support as you take steps in your treatment path.

  • Reach out to friends and family
    • Ask for help during your treatment.
    • Support can be as simple as sitting with you during treatment, small chores around the house, or helping with the kids
    • Create a meal train.
    •  Have a designated driver so that if you are sleepy or require a driver after treatment or a procedure.
  • Find a Support Group
    • Talking with others in the same situation is empowering
    • Others who are going through the same diagnosis can help you manage your feelings by letting you talk and share with people who feel the same way.
    • Peers often talk about which treatments worked for them and how they faced challenges.
    • When you talk to other people, you become part of a community and realize you aren’t alone. Your circle of support grows.
  • Let people help.
    • If someone says, “What can I do?” be ready with an answer.
    • Let people pitch in with everyday chores like cooking, cleaning, and running errands.
    • It can help to have someone come with you to the doctor. Ask a friend to write down important questions, and make sure you ask them.
    • If people want to bring you meals or stop by to visit, let someone keep a schedule.
    • Keep in mind it’s OK to say no if you don’t feel like having company on a certain day.

Remember that your friends and family members may not know what you need or even what to talk about. It may be easier for all of you if you reach out with a quick call or message saying you’d love a specific snack or could use help with a something like doing a load of laundry or walking the dog. Be gracious, and conserve your energy! Watch your circle