Tests for Brain Mets

 One test for brain mets is a neurological exam, testing strength, balance, vision, coordination, and reflexes. where a deficit in one or more areas is noted and is suspicious for cancer.

  • Imaging tests.Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used to help diagnose brain metastases, if you fail the neurological exam. They may inject a dye through an IV in the vein on your arm during your MRI study. There are several specialized MRI scans which May include magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and MRI perfusion which can better help your physician evaluate the tumor and develop a treatment plan.


You may also have a CT Scan, (computerized tomography),  a PET scan, (Positron Emission Tomography), and IF the primary tumor cause is not known, you may also have a chest CT looking for lung cancer.

  • A biopsy is a collection of abnormal tissue sample that can be performed as part of brain surgery removing the tumor or through the use of a needle. The sample will be looked at under a microscope to see if the tumor is cancerous or benign. It will determine whether or not it is  from a primary brain tumor or from metastasized cancer. All of this information is necessary to diagnose and treat the cancer properly.